It’s one of those well Jenna better be God…

Because I have no real desire to be it myself….🤣

It’s like, I dunno be good and don’t hurt people….it’s really not that complicated to understand what is expected of people on Earth from God as I am and otherwise…⁂

Who each person honours before all else, who before all things they admire and love, this person for them is God.

I be like, Hey! I can relate to that, I am dying too! 🤣
Yeah pretty much how it is sleeping alone….🤣
Oswin Oswald. Junior Entertainment Manager, Starship Alaska.

Current status: crashed and shipwrecked somewhere… not nice.

Been here a year, rest of the crew missing.

Provisions good, but keen to move on.

– As Oswin Oswald, in Asylum of the Daleks [7.1] (1 September 2012)
When anyone prays, the angels that minister to God and watch over mankind gather round about him and join with him in prayer.


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