No one creates just from just nothing…

We experience daily events, see other people plus things until suddenly boom ideas fly into our heads in terms of what/who to create let alone express.

They may not turn out exactly as you express them here or wherever but the point is to get the ideas out there so that others can use them or not use them from there.

Call it a 3rd opinion after left and right already clearly expressed theirs.

“Confirmation 101” ⁂
Otherwise I’ll just turn back into a dick and ruin all their ulterior motives if any…🤣
“Let most men have a finger and they will have the whole hand before you know.

Let a clan cheif have a finger and he will have the entire arm.”

― Robert Jordan, Lord of Chaos
It’s a strange game like that, those who honestly lose to me by accepting me as God as I am in honest to God heartfelt truth?

Actually end up winning regardless of it appearing as a loss in terms of “ego tripping”.
Image result for resident evil 8
“Perhaps one did not want to be loved so much as to be understood.”

― George Orwell, 1984
“When you are happy you can forgive a great deal.”

― Diana Princess of Wales

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