If you cannot handle your drugs and/or alcohol?

You probably should not be doing them, people drink and do drugs to create powerful expressions through Art and what not, but all the negative shit is meant to stay in the art world.

Which ties back into that’s what having a personal space on the internet let alone anywhere is for.

To dump all the negative thoughts, emotions and desires while turning around and being calm outside the box.

This way it’s best of both worlds since you get to explore and release your wrath while at the same time not actually causing any damage while enjoying the show through feelings and otherwise.

Since the fact steadily remains, I still sleep peacefully every night even though I just sit around at the computer all day simply because I still experience and project emotions, intense and otherwise, which drain you just like if you were at work all day.

Hence why some days I even need afternoon naps to make up for any extra drainage I may feel that day, what you project out must be regained otherwise you lose balance.

One of those if you drink just alcohol and no water? You’ll die type of thing. ⁂

Also like in the movie there is something about Mary?

Unload your “gun” a few times before going, that way you focus on them instead of your horniness.

Which is the same method I always used before dates, hence why they always felt that they were actually being paid attention too because they were due to not going in all super horny just desiring sex due to the overwhelming feeling of being too full down below.

Unless she is a horn dog of course then going in rifle loaded is probably your best bet in order to cut the small talk to get straight to the point. 🤣
They be like, watch out God is coming after you…

I be like, well not all of them at least, and these days mainly one due to her full catalogue of poses instead of shots of other stuff.

All hail the Selfie Queen….🤣

Speaking of synchronicity I saw red head today while shopping at No Frills and the hair is really a turn on despite her not being Hanna attractive.

No Frills be like, out of that whole trip that’s all you noticed, the random red head passing through our store?

Me: Pretty much….the BBQ sunflower seeds are really good also…fyi…🤣


Psalm 41:12

In my integrity You uphold me and set me in Your presence forever.



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