WordPress well social media in general is just like wall street…

It’s like, come on folks we gotta get those likes and views up! 🤣

https://www.instagram.com/hannahrosemay_/?hl=en 🤣
I wanted to be a detective or lawyer…but then drugs and alcohol happened…

And well that probably sums up the downward slope from there and the reason behind most of my problems since 15….😂
You have to cut into drug and alcohol money for bills and child support and shit only to not be able to do those drugs and alcohol all the time because you know, raising kids intoxicated is frowned upon…🤣
I can do everything through the computer, plus I have home phone which is still usable, it’s not that outdated yet…🤣
I sound like a jackass but I actually honestly tried the whole normal life and being a good hard working father a few times but then as usual, my psychopathy got the better of me.

I lack the whole stability front basically.

I can maintain whatever for so long before I need to let go and focus on myself again and unfortunately workplaces don’t like that.

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