When many people are busy panicking and dying from Coronavirus…

Less people are focusing on creating a better world the way we desire it to be, meaning that Coronavirus is acting more as a distraction to prevent people from focusing on bringing our dreams to life.

Harder to manifest a reality when not many people are on board anymore. ⁂

I knew then that Canada was well under way of being brainwashed by American politics…

On a side note it could have been whoever was running his account also at the time, either way they reflected him so it’s still his fault in a way….

Then they wonder why I work alone in many cases? 🤣

I think I’ll use Coronavirus as my next excuse to avoid a meeting with my welfare worker for a few months….🤣
Luke 12:34

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
On a brighter note, at least the birds are out today chirping and enjoying the warmer weather here in Canada.

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