The same methods which can be used for negative things can be used for positive as well.

Look at Dominique Provost, she uses her beauty to attract no different than Kendall Jenner does, the difference between the two?

Dominique lures her followers in to live healthy lives while going around cleaning forests and stuff.

Meanwhile Kendall fuels Hollywood life and does it just to be rich and powerful with little to no concern for others let alone the environment, from what we see.

She could be a saint behind closed doors for all we know but that is beyond the point.

The point is if people since men can do it as well, use their powers of attraction and intelligence to cause people to be “good”?

The world would become a better place without even having to involve government or the church to accomplish that.

We simply light torches of love and spread out everywhere, creating light all over the world instead of darkness.

Power in numbers, online and offline. ⁂

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