Flower also equals Flame Thrower…

Since you are like a Komodo dragon when you have TB due to your saliva being infectious at times whenever the bacteria bounces between contagious mode and not.

Like today where I am coughing up green and reddish phlegm again, meaning I am highly contagious right now and I have 4 people near me and 3 of them are seniors.

Now they can easily catch it regardless of age only to go out into public and spread it to whoever unknowingly.

Well in this case knowingly since I keep telling them but they do not care about health and safety other than my brother.

He at least remains upstairs in his room whenever I notify him that I am contagious for a bit.

He is the other smartest person here right now. ⁂

If you take care of your followers?

They will take care of you.

Doc Holiday in the flesh…


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