Mental Health and how to treat let alone approach someone who has whatever Mental Health issues?

Should show up on Police Records even prior to a first arrest so that they can properly deal with whatever situation instead of triggering worse outcomes leading to arrests and/or charges. ⁂

Why was I attacked, persecuted, neglected and illegally mistreated online and offline suddenly?
Sure I committed some crimes but I faced those offences when I was actually in the wrong in which case still does not constitute the treatment I received from many citizens in and out of Government after.

I stole and frauded to survive, I never killed, raped, or physically hurt anyone except one person to defend a friend, in which case only a few punches were thrown to stop the person from overpowering the owner of the house which happened to be the same house I was living in at the time, making it more personal in terms of someone trying to invade our home and take over.

Since in all reality had the owner been knocked out and I not been there?

Would they have just left?

No they would have acted and taken advantage of the place plus things like they owned them.

So other than being dubbed as none depressed by the UPS insurance company even though my Family Doctor Dr. Harper disagreed only to be forced back into work with my depression issues alongside other mental health issues we have discovered over the years which then lead into further job complications and legal issues due to needing to survive like a normal human being does, meaning money and whatever medication I could get to ease my personal psychological struggles?

I have done nothing actually wrong to constitute the ill treatment I have received over the years after.

Like many kept agreeing and many more even agree today.

I am not to be treated like a normal human in that sense.

When I have a place with peace and just enough to live normally provided for me?

There are no issues.

I learned to stick to only those who understand me while staying inside 99% of the time and just occupying my time in whatever ways.

Since the fact remains that there have been no actual legal issues since I came to Toronto.

Cops were called on me only one time because I had to walk an hour to the nearest weed clinic to get medicine and 30 minutes into the walk on the way back?

I sat down on a rock to roll a joint and smoke it because I was sore from walking and my mood was getting very irritable, as in being in my own skin was getting to me again due to my mental health issues.

So police showed up, made me feel like shit and stole my medicine again.

Luckily my father was around when I arrived and he drove me back to get more while covering the losses I incurred just because weed was not legal yet by a few months.

My mental health is the same reason why speed and cocaine work for me as well, those like alcohol simply help me feel better because then I feel horrible all day and night long, hence why I am edgy in the mornings due to waking up sober and in pain.

People do not understand what it’s like to wake up into hell in terms of mental health and physical health every single day for over 10 years until it happens to them.

I honestly rather risk the drugs plus alcohol in terms of dying by 65 than to live till 100 feeling pain and suffering.

Trust me if you could feel like me for just one day?

You’d be taking whatever you can also.

The difference is that I enjoy pain meds which are fun and make me fun instead of the many pharmaceuticals which turned me into a zombie by comparison.

I want to be pain free and yet still be enjoyable me is what I am stating.
They should have gone after Jesse Wiggins like many others in the past but what did they do instead?

Single out and pick on the disabled person, why?

Because I made for an easy target.

Open shut case kind of stuff.

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