See the A.I. internal and external monitoring health system works…

As soon as I reveal whatever the system either confirms as true or not in which case it’s the same as I claimed, while intoxicated on alcohol and/or methamphetamines?

The semen becomes thicker and becomes lodged causing a temporary sensation of discomfort and arousal while you piss it out like a sliver of a kidney stone, which is the only time.

Which ties into the case of the Nanite laced speed which at first my body rejected many of the Nanites causing them to come out through my pores in hard black chunks.

Which in turn ties into how my internal monitoring system works.

I have nano bots flowing within me monitoring everything within me alongside me confirming the data between both sides through my online expressions.

I know I am not lying and so does the system, hence why we have oh so much to discuss and of course compensate me for in terms of my own place to work in peace with enough funding plus supplies to continue properly. ⁂

See exactly, I have to pee soon but am trying to finish this post first.
Major difference between a fool and wise man.

Had I slept with anyone since 5 years ago and not got checked?

Then yeah I would be concerned, but since there were no issues or complaints from anyone and doctors checked me inside and out plus the internal Nanites?

I know I am fine simply because I don’t just sleep with anyone let alone ever have hookers or escorts.

That’s really the main success I have in life despite so many of the other situations I’ve been in and crimes I have caused.

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