Those who do and have done dumb things in the past?

Have this unique ability of being able to help others not do those things in the present…🤣

Exactly OCS weed dealers are only there to deliver weed and check the picture plus date of birth, why they are checking whether my proof of ID is expired or not to confirm that I am of age to receive the legal weed I paid for?

Is beyond me.
Dealers are not there to be my buddy, they are there to deliver drugs , simple straight up business.

With that said?

Since I have been buying from OCS since they opened?

They have checked that I am 33 way over 100 times in which case they can simply put a note with photo on file to match their phones and just hand me the damn weed, if only for me since clearly greater issues arise over minor things like having to go out to update my license.

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