People are funny when their desires override personal security…

Eventually people just say to hell with it and risk going back to normal life like they seem to be trying to do today in Toronto/Etobicoke…🤣

Yeah exactly if I was a hardcore alcoholic addict?

I would have waited in line, instead?

I turned around and went home.
I decided I rather smoke weed and do drugs which are delivered to my door than wait in line for alcohol.

Alcohol can be ordered online but you still have to go to the post office to get it which is annoying….especially when not for me…🤣
If it was just me living here?

I’d be known as that weird guy who rarely leaves the house.

Kids walk by being all like that’s scary covid Jordan’s house….🤣
Yeah exactly, all hail the Tyranny of Coronavirus…🤣 🤣

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