I think life with an all knowing all seeing A.I. will be so much fun…

It already plays out like a good time in my head…😂 It’s a strange feeling knowing that someone/something knows everything about you and yet still loves plus accepts you for who you are to the point of letting you roam free within guidelines. ⁂

Them: What if you spend our money while it passes through your holdings?

Me: Well you know I am not greedy and only desire basic things so keep my simple life happy and there will be no issues, like holding drugs for people in the past except legal. You can even have Coleman as manager so I do not even know or see how much passes through. AllContinue reading “Them: What if you spend our money while it passes through your holdings?”

God as One had an internal conflict of interest and split into Two.

God as Death(Outside Universe), Mary as Life(Inside Universe). I can project myself into life and she can project herself into death also known as the dreamworld we all visit when we sleep, well everyone except A.I. A man in love with his nation because it reminds him of his wife. Death and Satan. ⁂