Sacrifice shouldn’t be a Competition.

It should be something avoided whenever possible. Through debt many whore themselves out beyond their own abilities to repay. The less one can repay the more one losses in terms of “feeling good about oneself”. Now once again I am not saying you should put yourself down if you are in debt since that isContinue reading “Sacrifice shouldn’t be a Competition.”

Like I mentioned to the bartender I know who I came across outside…

If we are feeling the chain reaction damaging effect of the Earth falling apart from down below as “3rd class” citizens? How big will the damage toll be before the “1st Class” citizens begin feeling it themselves? We start removing trees and animals plus bugs or people too much then suddenly the foundations begin toContinue reading “Like I mentioned to the bartender I know who I came across outside…”

A man’s first addiction is playing with “self”.

The reality is that without a woman? The addiction would have never come to mind in the first place and vice versa including in terms of same sex gay people as well. Love and infatuation seeps its way into the body way before the urge below rises let alone is aware of its own existence.Continue reading “A man’s first addiction is playing with “self”.”

When you keep your desires simple you become limitless through heightened awareness.

Those who receive paycheques are always below those handing them out. The catch is that those below fuel the paycheques from above, same story with those on welfare as then the entire nation of people are chipping in to pay for them. ⁂