Family even agreed that…

As long as Jordan is in his own place?

He’s fine in his own controlled chaos regardless of his being.

No different than on WordPress. ⁂

“I am, to my core, Canadian, so, by osmosis, everything I write reflects that upbringing.”

― Elinor Florence, Bird’s Eye View
“The truth will always set the lies free from their cage.”

― Anthony T. Hincks
“Picture Perfect Moments”
“A new belief is an enlightenment of a strengthening habit.

Thinking that bad habit is easy to release is thinking too much.”

― Alan Maiccon
“Crying is good for the soul. It means something needs to be released.

And if you don’t release the something, it just weighs you down until you can hardly move.”

― Erin Entrada Kelly, Hello, Universe

It's cool to be Heir to the Throne of Poland…

It’s even cooler to set it on fire so no ever touches it again. ⁂

Like Cocaine…
“The quickest way of ending a war is to lose it. ”

― George Orwell
Absolute power cannot corrupt you if you leave it alone in terms of actually grabbing it all the rest is just mental foreplay with the idea.
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To save me from myself…

The only divine power is unconditional love…

Beyond that all is merely the creation of man and can be subject to change through man. ⁂

“Mom talks about moving to Canada as though my father had requested she start wearing fun hats.

“Why not try it?” she thought, instead of “This fucking lunatic wants me to go to a country made of ice and casual racism.”

― Scaachi Koul, One Day We’ll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter
“I enjoy talking to you.

Your mind appeals to me.

It resembles my own mind except that you happen to be insane.”

― George Orwell, 1984
“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War
People’s inputs are currency too…
Unfortunately most people are scared for logical and/or illogical reasons.
Matthew 22:34-40 New International Version (NIV)

The Greatest Commandment

34 Hearing that Jesus had silenced the Sadducees, the Pharisees got together. 

35 One of them, an expert in the law, tested him with this question:

 36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[a] 

38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 

39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b] 

40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

Matthew 22:37 Deut. 6:5
Matthew 22:39 Lev. 19:18
Psalm 71:19-21

Thy righteousness also, O God, is very high, who hast done great things:

O God, who is like unto thee! …

When people can clearly see the demons inside one?

How many others carry those same demons or worse in secret? ⁂

“Outside the parted curtains, the inky surface of Bertha Bay lay silent.

Above it ran a saw’s blade of mountains.

Beneath, Lou knew, but didn’t dare say.”

― Danika Stone, The Dark Divide
“Right-wing pundits continually framed First Nations issues as a drain on taxpayers when, in fact, Indigenous communities were presenting a major growth opportunity.”

― Charlie Angus, Children of the Broken Treaty: Canada’s Lost Promise and One Girl’s Dream
Jesus King Of Canada.
Luke 24:19 New International Version (NIV)

19 “What things?” he asked.

“About Jesus of Nazareth,” they replied.

“He was a prophet, powerful in word and deed before God and all the people.
If a nation’s government can betray their most valuable asset?

Imagine who else they are willing to betray, therefore they are unfit to lead.

Titles, titles so many stupid titles…

Which all mean nothing if not used for good as in good for every individual and not just one person’s let alone God’s idea of good. ⁂
“Key to your new home”
When any nation let alone multiple think together as one and that is the wrong one?

That is what we call Satan.
1 Corinthians 15:58 New International Version (NIV)

58 Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm.

Let nothing move you.

Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.
Quran 15:55

They said, “We have given you good tidings in truth, so do not be of the despairing.”
John 16:33

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.

In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
Quran 15:43

And indeed, Hell is the promised place for all our enemies.
A president ordered the nukes, scientists built the nukes, airplane mechanics equipped the nukes and pilots flew them over to be dropped.

Numbers 15:40

Then you will remember to obey all my commands and will be consecrated to your God.
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“Sense of Judgment”

“That’s so J”
Quran 15:39

[Iblees] said, “My Lord, because You have put me in error, I will surely make [disobedience] attractive to them on earth, and I will mislead them all.
“In the fight among politicians, the children lost again.”

― Charlie Angus, Children of the Broken Treaty: Canada’s Lost Promise and One Girl’s Dream

It's not hard to see what's going on…

If you simply look around with eyes wide open..⁂

 Matthew 13:45

Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls.

Love the danger…
I am someone who is just tired of feeling other people’s pain.
Quran 13:40

And whether We show you part of what We promise them or take you in death, upon you is only the [duty of] notification, and upon Us is the account.
Galatians 5:13 English Standard Version (ESV)

13 For you were called to freedom. 

Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.
You harm children? I kill you.

You separate parents from their children? I kill you.

You impoverish parents with children let alone children? I kill you.
“That was one thing he understood about women, Aiel, Two Rivers or whoever; fists on hips meant trouble.”

― Robert Jordan, Lord of Chaos
“The patronizing assumption by the powers in Ottawa that they best knew what policies would serve the interests of the West was resented by the unconsulted residents of that West”

― Garret Wilson
Matthew 13:15 New International Version (NIV)

15 For this people’s heart has become calloused;
    they hardly hear with their ears,
    and they have closed their eyes.
Otherwise they might see with their eyes,
    hear with their ears,
    understand with their hearts
and turn, and I would heal them.’[a]

Matthew 13:15 Isaiah 6:9,10 (see Septuagint) “Big Oil”
“It was further revealed that the government sometimes refuses to pay for certain medications even after a pediatrician has declared their necessity.”

― Charlie Angus, Children of the Broken Treaty: Canada’s Lost Promise and One Girl’s Dream

When many commit heinous crimes in God's let alone Allah's name?

And you place that name into a good person? Hell on Earth breaks Loose. ⁂

“Alaska’s like two thousand miles away from anywhere cultured.

No offense, Canada.”

― Meagan Macvie, The Ocean in My Ears
Which makes them all guilty, one for giving the order and the rest for following through.
Quran 3:46

He will speak to the people in the cradle and in maturity and will be of the righteous.
“The sun rises on Newfoundland, sets on British Columbia, island to island.

Chilly Atlantic mornings and warm Pacific sunsets.

An arc that traces a path from the dawn of an empire to its twilight.”

― Will Ferguson, Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw: Travels in Search of Canada
“Never be hostile unless you must, Moiraine had said, but above all never be overly friendly.

Never be eager”

― Robert Jordan, Lord of Chaos
“When you wish for so long that you could hear something, and then suddenly, with no warning, you do, it is like a lightning strike and rain on parched ground at the same time.

You’re stunned, but you cannot hear enough.”

― Robert Jordan, Lord of Chaos

No more laws protecting the monsters through money and otherwise. ⁂

Rule number 1:

If they have children and actually care for them?

They are off limits, both of them, we will find other ways of dealing with them like making them offers they cannot refuse. ⁂
John 14:5 New International Version (NIV)

Jesus the Way to the Father

Thomas said to him, “Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?”
“It would seem I wouldn’t have written anything if I weren’t influenced by Canada’s history, its weather, the landscape, and its stories.”

― Anne McDonald
Eve: All this riot and uproar, V… is this Anarchy? Is this the Land of Do-As-You-Please?

V: No. This is only the land of take-what-you-want. Anarchy means “without leaders”, not “without order”.

With anarchy comes an age or ordnung, of true order, which is to say voluntary order… this age of ordung will begin when the mad and incoherent cycle of verwirrung that these bulletins reveal has run its course…

This is not anarchy, Eve. This is chaos.”

― Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

Between I am God?

Reincarnating Eternally? And Going to Hell anyways? Let’s Party! 😂

It’s gonna be rough I know but when hasn’t my life been rough in general?
“Demons run when a good man goes to war
Night will fall and drown the sun
When a good man goes to war

Friendship dies and true love lies
Night will fall and the dark will rise
When a good man goes to war

Demons run, but count the cost
The battle’s won, but the child is lost”

― Steven Moffat
“I’m an old-fashioned guy.

I believe in the Enlightenment, and reason, and logic, and you know, facts.”

― Barack Obama
Well I am perfect for the job if they allow me to do the drugs too, you know?

Tweaking the laws a bit.

It's like, Hey Russia!

Under president whoever America owns the defence system under me we can all be friends together…😂

“Carbon Bonds”

California Bonds with Truth. ⁂

John 16:11

And in regard to judgment, because the prince of this world has been condemned.
“History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

― George Orwell, 1984