All this is what happens when people are left unchecked let alone in neglect.

I have quadrupled in allies plus loyalists simply because many of them including their friends and family feel exactly the same way I do with no escape other than taking control and creating our own ways. Like I expressed before if I was dealing with me rising up like this through evidence and otherwise? IContinue reading “All this is what happens when people are left unchecked let alone in neglect.”

Where Canada has reached the age of national maturity…

It’s beginning to evolve into a golden age except whenever that happens? Good and bad are suddenly attracted to it if not already. Hence many nations lending from Canada and trying to end up in good standing with and within Canada. Canada is just lucky that it’s the modern world so it does not haveContinue reading “Where Canada has reached the age of national maturity…”

I’ve become so disconnected from most of the world…

That Canada could have booted Trudeau for someone else and I’d have no clue because that’s how much I stopped caring over the years. Neglect me fuck you I’ll create my own Canada type of reality. ⁂

As soon as you are in the camera shot as an image/gif?

You are no longer you, you are me…I am all that is death meaning photos, movies, words plus all the other technically lifeless objects you love and hate. “Holy Braille” You standing there is real, you standing in the photo is dead. ⁂