Stand your ground and play your cards right long enough for your dreams to come true.

Persistence and stubbornness go a long way when used for the right reasons.

I knew that I would need to get on the world stage somehow in order to be properly heard which requires a manager or celebrity assistance of sorts.

The difference is that I am not desperate nor a beggar so I use my luxury of choice as I don’t want just anyone to assist me like I can assist her but a specific one because I feel we understand each other.

Which goes a long way as opposed to partnering up with someone who will just get in the way. ⁂

Psalm 90:14 

Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.
When it comes to the topic of my past posts and some of the things I portrayed?

Not my fucking problem because my personal image does not matter to me so people can go and assume or use whatever they think they can against me.

Meanwhile they are just not thinking strategically like I do.

I left those portrayals behind like a hunter sets traps for his prey.

If people choose to jump on those just to find reasons to attack me?

I’ll know right away what kind of people I am dealing with in that moment.

People like games and I like games too, I have seen the media enough to know what happens between stars and the masses at times.

Which is exactly what I want because then at that point since I am backed up by my I don’t give a care attitude?

I simply nail them to the wall which will make examples out of them forcing others to rethink their strategies more logically.

Tip of the day: Instead of trying to beat me down, maybe raise yourselves up like I do?

Just a thought…
Always tip your waiter?
I may look like I do not care to many people but there are some you can just never fool.

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he was evil.” 

― Edmund Carver
Quran 29:13

But they will surely carry their [own] burdens and [other] burdens along with their burdens, and they will surely be questioned on the Day of Resurrection about what they used to invent.

Society needs me and people like me to be the wildcards.

Since most people in any position of leadership, fame or guidance worry about their self image at the cost of actual truth and proper guidance due to most in public craving that game basically.

But there has to be balance somewhere along the way which is where we come in to help counteract those images with more realistic portrayals.

Which is no different than books and movies, less people read books even though all the truth can be found in them due to them focusing on the glam of other art portrayals.

It’s normal considering that just staring at a page of words all day isn’t the highest entertainment factor for people unless you have a strong sense of imagination to fill in the blanks.

That’s why I use allot of pictures and gifs in my portrayals while keeping my writing short alongside quick comments to support my claims plus story.

It brings the story to life, makes it easier to read on the fly while pulling people in using characters and portrayals which they know and/or love.

The whole idea is that church teachings are nice and all but they are boring plus most people have no desire to go out to church after working 5-6 days during the week already.

Hence this online church I have between my pages that can be accessed at any point during anytime from anywhere using all the forms of social media ready technology available.

It’s not about filling the churches or seeking tithes for me, it’s about simply spreading the message to give people a deeper understanding about life and the world around them. ⁂

Psalm 30:5 

For his anger is but for a moment, and his favor is for a lifetime.

Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning.
Jeremiah 29:11

11 I know what I’m doing.

I have it all planned out – plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.
Quran 29:11

And Allah will surely make evident those who believe, and He will surely make evident the hypocrites.
Quran 29:12

And those who disbelieve say to those who believe, “Follow our way, and we will carry your sins.”

But they will not carry anything of their sins.

Indeed, they are liars.
Facebook is having issues today so more will flock to Tumblr and WordPress which is good news for me since I am still blocked from Facebook for another four days.

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity” 

― Sun-Tzu, A Arte da Guerra

“Sometimes when things seem to be falling apart, they’re actually falling together.”

The older priest kept his face serious for a moment before it cracked into a grin.

“I read that on Facebook, Mark” 

― Kate Sherwood, Mark of Cain

I always find myself turning back to reading books and watching shows plus movies, they are God’s true home.

Because they atleast get me enough to broadcast me properly. ⁂

Meanwhile 99% of my so called friends below broke my heart, which is God’s heart.
I gave them unconditional love and they gave me garbage as soon as I stopped “funding” them.
The Elite’s are God’s true children because they face persecution worse than life and death everyday like I do.

Now elite does not mean wealth, elite in reality is merely a state of mind obedient to God.
Revenge is a more beautiful word than money and there are many ways of accomplishing that without putting the actual word to use in the way majority think of it.
It’s all about making those suffer who made us suffer in other ways.
They were supposed to remember through books that I would come back as Jesus, that’s on them now.

Seven are blind which is why three stick together. “Bat Sonar”

People are blinded by the light of life in general way before things like ignorance and ego have time to set in so to get through to people in the modern world amongst all the chaos?

Is like punching through 8 sheets of window in terms of trying to match perspectives. ⁂

John 7:38 New International Version (NIV)

38 Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.”[a]


John 7:38 Or me. And let anyone drink 38 who believes in me.” As Scripture has said, “Out of him (or themwill flow rivers of living water.”
“Yeah, alright.”

Anything to end this conversation about her father’s breast.” 

― Tracey Ward
“Sure, people stare… I think it’s curiosity.

Most of the time if I give a big smile, the person looks totally shocked to have been caught and will smile back.

They go from a sort of blankness to this welling gladness.

Women especially blossom into joy and will give really lovely, open smiles in return, with a ilhamdallah or masha’allah and a pat on the head or a pinched cheek for Mather, maybe a few words for me, Welcome to Jordan!

They’re so surprised and grateful I’m smiling at them!

Even women who are fully covered, just a tiny window for their eyes peeking from a veil.

You can see the uplift in the corners of their eyelids, feel their genuine warmth” 

― Siobhan Fallon, The Confusion of Languages
Isaiah 45:19

I did not speak in secret, in a land of darkness; I did not say to the offspring of Jacob, ‘Seek me in vain.’ I the Lord speak the truth; I declare what is right.

“If I choose to take the pen from God and write the story of my life without Him, I better have plenty of erasers and a whole lot of white-out.

Better yet, I should invest in a good shredder.” 

― Craig D. Lounsbrough
“There is no better Eraser for the past than a good use of the present.” 

― Seun Ayilara


Arabia = I Am A Bar, “Socialize”

The next best thing to money is alcohol, well and drugs also if you want to dive deep down into your creative spirit.

It’s a known fact that when bringing oneself closer to death and depression?

It brings oneself closer to God, which is why most of the best artists were and are intoxicated whenever they produce their “golden” work. ⁂

If you have a creative “mental block”?

Intoxicate yourself somehow which also includes through interaction like a weekend out with a lover.

We are like black holes once again, creators need to take in matter in order to produce matter.

Like breathing in air basically.
Matthew 7:7 

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.
“Earl “The Goat” Manigault was probably the greatest basketball player of all time, but Michael Jordan is universally regarded as the best ever.

This is because The Goat only did it at Rucker Park, while Michael did it where it mattered: in front of the world.” 

― Tucker Max, Assholes Finish First
“I can’t fire my gun without bringing attention to myself while surrounded by more zombies than tweens at a One Direction concert, and I cannot win in a hand to hand fight.

Against the zombie, not One Direction. I’d destroy those guys.” 

― Tracey Ward

“Syd is behind us stuffing the last of his gear in his bag hastily. I woke him up late.

I waited until Alissa and I were already set to go and he’s scurrying to catch up with us.

Was it on purpose?

A power play of some kind?

A petty manipulation on my part to feel in control?

You bet your ass it was.” 

― Tracey Ward
“None of the palaces in Hell come close to Lucifer’s in size or beauty.

Lucifer lives at the top of a literal ivory tower, miles high.

You can’t even see the top from the ground.

The joke is that he built it that high so he can lean out the window and pound on Heaven’s floor with a broom handle when he wants them to turn down the choir.” 

― Richard Kadrey, Sandman Slim

Do you know why the Devil’s job is easy?

Because the stars and artists plus scientists etc…do most of the work.

It’s like when they get to me they go, “So, Jordan…What is that you say you really do here?”.

Me: I just live my life to keep yours going. ⁂ “Sun Logic 101”

“He remembered Simon warning him, with wryness, that Clary had the nuclear bomb of boyfriends.” 

― Cassandra Clare
“Did you make a picnic, Jordan Matthews?’

For the first time EVER, I see a blush in his cheeks.

‘I might have’ he mumbles and sets off walking.” 

― Samantha Towle, Trouble
Deuteronomy 4:29 

But from there you will seek the Lord your God and you will find him, if you search after him with all your heart and with all your soul.
“Kingsley nodded. ‘Of course. Sophia always did say wisdom had to be earned.” 

― Melissa de la Cruz, The Van Alen Legacy

It takes two to make “sound happen”. “Ear Muffs”

One to make it and the other to hear it, otherwise with no one around to hear it does it really exist?

Or like the tree falling in a forest with no one to hear it, did it really fall?

No if we never notice and yes if we find evidence, hence why God left evidence no different than we leave evidence through Art, DNA and what not.

The point is that everything and everyone wants to exist so God, like Nature like eachother, we all want to be heard because once someone hears us?

Instantly we become real, hence the whole 2-3 there I am.

“Shared Perspective”, even wormholes have two holes in which matter passes through. ⁂
We all got books in our soul.
“Karma is a Spiritual Camera Water Mark”
I prefer looking at women over books especially women who look over books as well.
“Maia pulled on a braid.

“I ran into Eric of all people.

He told me what happened and that you’d backed out of Millenium Lint’s gigs for the past two weeks because of it.”

“Actually, they changed their name,” Jordan said. “They’re Midnight Burrito now.” 

― Cassandra Clare, City of Lost Souls
“What are you looking at?” Jordan demanded finally, watching her. 

“A dragon.”

When he looked bewildered she lifted her arm and pointed to the sky in the southeast.

“Right there—that cloud—what do you see when you look at it?” 

“A fat cloud.” 

Alexandra rolled her eyes at him. “What else do you see?” 

He was quiet for a moment studying the sky.

“Five more fat clouds and three thin ones.” 

― Judith McNaught, Something Wonderful