Those with heightened internal and external awareness…

Need to be relocated into better environments, no different than me migrating from FB to Twitter to WordPress. I am happier here because the people here leave me be and don’t bring their negativity into my already semi-negative world unless I bring it on otherwise for whatever needs and/or reasons. So no different than outsideContinue reading “Those with heightened internal and external awareness…”

In the end you can only do so much…

As in what others enable you to do, I made many offers, made many calls, sent many letters and emails plus all this online stuff. So it’s not my fault that society keeps making up excuses and reasons in attempts to prevent me let alone my teachings/ideas/methods for the problems humanity faces. Hence why IContinue reading “In the end you can only do so much…”

When people are determined?

Great things can happen, especially when done in civil ways as opposed to harmful ones. Sure humanity had to resort to whatever ways in the past but now in the modern world? There are so many alternatives to consider that actual violence should be not be one of them. It may take longer and bitContinue reading “When people are determined?”

In all reality whether it be a Monarchy, a Republic or The 4th Reich?

As long as it ends up being good for all the people of the world in whatever ways minus the killing, raping, neglect etc…? All the power to it because the government type does not matter as long as it gets the job done instead of making things and people worse. ⁂