Like I mentiond before…

You have no idea why someone does whatever while needing to do whatever until they properly explain it to you in whatever ways online or/and offline which is very hard to do for many people in certain cases. Image Miss Smoluk’s reaction if I told her everything that I express on WordPress word for word?Continue reading “Like I mentiond before…”

Others be like….

Well Frederick Abberline wasn’t necessarily all there and sober all the time either…but he still got the job done in many cases…well except one for sure…🤣 It was probably Frederick…🤣

Fellow believers in whatever/whoever is exactly like encountering those you love, the same internal feeling happens upon contact.

You feel safe, secure as if among friends/family who not only understand you but accept you as you are just like any true family, friend let alone lover should. ⁂

When we work together using multiple methods we all share between eachother good things will happen…

If we continue working against eachother in an actual being against eachother sense? Then things will not run so smoothly for either side is the reality we all face together. ⁂

The way I look at future Basic Income Supplement is like this…

Enough to live a decent life whether you are a health nut or an depressed addict in terms of creating a sandbox type zone for people so that then if they step out of line? The system has more justification to punish them in whatever ways. If you cover people’s bases enough? They should haveContinue reading “The way I look at future Basic Income Supplement is like this…”

Basic Income Supplement will be the perfect net one day…

It will separate the lazy from the eager while causing less hassle and struggle for either end of the table. Those who love being home will have enough to be happy at home, those who like to work will be able to find jobs alongside likeminded individuals create better workforces. Those who “slack” at workContinue reading “Basic Income Supplement will be the perfect net one day…”

Like I expressed before, despite the unfortunate losses?

Coronavirus will help create a world where more people stay home more often without struggle or issue let alone worry alongside being able to communicate with government, law and medical directly from home in terms of being able to handle more right from home. Like say to get a licences done? They track my computer,Continue reading “Like I expressed before, despite the unfortunate losses?”

Them: Why did Jordan get annoyed with Facebook, dislikes using Instagram while only sticking to WordPress and Discord plus Pocket?

Others: Well when there is a group of people Jordan does not like to “come out”, when it’s one on one with certain people? Same thing, He rather only see whoever or no one at all. ⁂