Due to so many issues rising?

They will have to be divided between violent and non violent types. We can manage the non violent types but the violent ones? Need to be locked up or something depending on nation. If I can go through addictions, feelings, emotions, temptations while still venting but being able to not actually cause harm? Others haveContinue reading “Due to so many issues rising?”

Mood swings are one thing…

Holding onto hate is another. Every grudge, every purposeful neglect and all the other things people do through hate for revenge and what not eventually rise up to choke people out. That doesn’t mean we all have to turn into monks since justice can still be used without actually hating the criminals. They did somethingContinue reading “Mood swings are one thing…”

The part I enjoy most about all this?

Unlike other “showings” I do not have to wait till next week or next year like people do for shows, products and results to come out. I can speed through the story of us or place it in delayed sequences all I want since there is endless material for me to use available already. OnceContinue reading “The part I enjoy most about all this?”