She be like, well if you’re looking for love what about the girls who are in love with you in Canada?

Me: That would be too easy, my life is easy enough as it is so you’re the perfect complication. ⁂

“You wanna tell me, how dessert for seventeen people translates into seven pies and two cakes?” Brock asked.” 

― Kristen Ashley, Wild Man
“If I could have wished what I thought was my perfect mate on the wind and had her come back to me in a storm, I could never have come up with anything as exquisite as you.” 

― Kristen Ashley, With Everything I Am
“I don’t know what it is with her, but I somehow become more a man whenever she’s around.”
― Nikki Rowe
There is not need for jealousy or envy towards others when you have perfection to look forward to.

Perfection = Pre-Affection from One.’s_Belt
Life’s a beach and then you die.

If you’re gonna be an artist?

Know that this phantom of the opera might haunt you from time to time. ⁂

“Woulda made a deal with the devil to get my wife and daughters back.”

He was still whispering and her breath stilled as she replied.

“Don’t have that chance so nothin’ I can do about that.

But I darkened your door, baby, and you lit up my life again so I’m not lettin’ that go.” 

― Kristen Ashley, Mystery Man
Well if ever placed in the same situation?

My daughter is my daughter and she’s just some old bat.
Little brat made me fall in love with her, I swear.

If she didn’t “show off” I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

No in reality she saved me by doing it because other than my children?

The ex’s were mistakes.
“Home isn’t a place.

Home is anywhere, just as long as the people you love are there.” 

― Kristen Ashley, Rock Chick Renegade

Sure someone could snipe me, shoot me, run me over, blow up my house.

But then they are cowards so no reason too fear people like that and I do not fear hand to hand combat since I can handle myself so all I would need to do is kill them and move on, simple.

The point is that I know what I am capable of through experience, hence why knowing self is key. ⁂

Being lethal and actually using it are two different stories.

I am all about defence only.

I have no desire to attack anyone which is why I get extremely mad when they attack me physically let alone those with me.

I have never lost a physical fight because in my mind that just cannot happen in that point of engagement.
Psalm 48:14

For this God is our God forever and ever; He will be our guide even until death.

To be honest, I don’t think there’s any other show like ‘Doctor Who’ at all.

Jenna Louise Coleman
The sword “Sworn Word/Statement/Claim” in the stoner.

Polish = I Posh Life.
Psalm 10:5

His ways are always preposterous; your laws are rejected by him; he sneers at all his enemies.

Them: You know that the Lucifer name carries weight in the organized crime world?

Me: From criminals to guardians and social workers, everyone has a place in the dream team. ⁂

Sure they sell drugs and kill gang members, but violence is always met with violence so aslong as it remains between themselves like the mafia’s back in the day?

I don’t care how they choose to live their lives, people will always use drugs and people will always turn out violent.

That’s not the point, the point is they can be whoever they want to be aslong as they respect the good people and mainly children.

Meaning If someone wants to go into that life?

That’s there choice but do not bring it into another persons life who is simply trying to live it in another way.

I meet people in public and I act respectful to the point most wouldn’t even think that I was high or drunk and going home to do more.

I have a bad dark side but I keep that shit in check out of respect towards others.

The point is that whether I need to be the leader of the underworld or overworld, I will use whatever world I can to make the Earth a better place for all.
Psalm 46:2

Therefore we will not fear, though the earth is transformed and the mountains are toppled into the depths of the seas.
Coleman be like well good thing I made that birthday wish.

Me: So you didn’t make a wish for me to fall madly in love with you?

Her: That would be stupid since who wouldn’t fall madly in love with me?

I knew you would, I needed to know if you loved me for me and not my money or status.

So since you cannot lie anymore?

I gained two wishes with one, since I secretly wished the other as well.
I am a jealous God but not that jealous.

If she loves me? Fair enough she can go do whatever.

Its called trust.

Stars be like, We are all Negan!

Me: Ooooh Nigerian, I am too…You can check my currency down there, it’s not doing so well. ⁂

“Every step, every breath, every second I lived on this earth, I’m thankful for, no matter how fucked up or whacked or hard or good, ’cause all that shit led me to her.” 

― Kristen Ashley, Fire Inside
Goes to show how God at one point whether it was Jesus or Sobek before?

I was black at some point, just because I came out white this time around does not change who I am inside.

If anything that makes others racist who deny me because I am white.

So we can sit around being racist all day about it or we can work together to help each other out?

Your people are my people if my people are your people too.
Creative touch alongside shocking news through personal representation.
Ummm correction….
“Relax I have it all covered”

I’ll love the world more when it begins working harder towards treating eachother as human beings.

Money does not impress me, cars eventually don’t start and buildings fall down.

I am impressed by those who simply strive for goodness towards others and themselves.

And there is no specific act or method I look for aslong as they respect others while chasing their own which is not easy to do.

Its actually really hard as one needs to slow down allot to pull it off. ⁂

Psalm 3:6

I will not fear the myriads set against me on every side.
Psalm 16:8

I have set the LORD always before me. Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.
There is a major difference between being afraid of me and being afraid of my truth being reality.

It’s easy for me to comprehend because I live it daily but for people just walking into it?

I’d be surprised if they weren’t mind fucked a bit.
Well in my defence Jesus wasn’t known for having his own house and job.

He was a wandering bum with skills.

Hence why if people are looking for someone “classier” as the present day messiah?

They have really drunk too much “koolaid” at that point.,_master_of_none
“Then she asked, “Do you lose concentration when a woman you want is in the room?”

“I hope not or we’re fucked.” 

― Kristen Ashley, Lady Luck

This is the most intense story I have written so far…

Probably because it’s not just a story, it’s a legal claim too.

Signed, dated, witnessed and cosigned, therefore legal in a court of law. ⁂

“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.” 

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

“Canadian Angel for short”
“Some scars don’t hurt. Some scars are numb.

Some scars rid you of the capacity to feel anything ever again.” 

― Joyce Rachelle
“There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends.

I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.” 

― Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey
I lost two daughters so for me to desire Coleman and the entire Universe to fill those present gaps?

Is not that far fetched when you consider a father’s actual love for his children.

Might as well have dropped two drops of anti-matter to create two black holes directly on Earth.

That pain is what fuels me next to love.

I can drink more, smoke more, think more, feel more while staying conscious of myself the whole time in order to continue creating all this.

Most people who would dose themselves to the extent that I do daily?

Would not be able to move let alone sit around creating all day without getting too carried away.

I do have my moments at times ofcourse since I am still physically human after all.