Goes to show that when people confess to me honestly?

Regardless of the crime I am not mad since Justice plays my wrath for me whenever needed in that sense. Meaning he will go to jail but at least his conscious is clear despite his crimes. I can’t in the right heart and mind hold a man guilty who confesses and accepts whatever fate inContinue reading “Goes to show that when people confess to me honestly?”

It’s a funny situation…

Sure I stole/robbed/frauded many banks, but I gave most of it to the poor while sharing some with friends and family without their knowledge. The kicker is that I am finding out they were all just my own banks so all I did was rob self through selves to give to other selves in moreContinue reading “It’s a funny situation…”

Life is like airport security these days.

Many pass through but some are selected for extra questioning. Except they do not ask you any specific questions while hoping you will blurt out whatever out of fear of them them knowing already. In many cases unless they can read your mind too? It’s all just smoke and mirrors to see if they canContinue reading “Life is like airport security these days.”