Only those who live ever get to talk about it let alone write, unless it's recorded before the grave of course…

From climbing mountains to going through wars and addictions, all journeys involving the risk of death. ⁂

The way I look at death and reincarnation?

We die, we get sucked towards the nearest blackhole hence seeing the dark tunnel with white light and being formed from one form into another, then being shot out as someone else on the other side. Same pieces make you up but more pieces were added causing you to not be completely the same whileContinue reading “The way I look at death and reincarnation?”

Death is the equivalent of changing shows on screen.

Which is also just like walking from one house to another let alone from one relationship to another. Alternate realities all stemming off the same reality which in turn stems off it’s own realities from the other realities and vice plus tri versa/every which way versa. ⁂