The point is that when things including food and drugs fall into the wrong hands?

Anything can end up in them which create greater problems that most simply do not consider let alone can handle let alone are prepared for in the first place. We constantly need people watching and monitoring everything with the common mindset of wanting to help eachother instead of hurt eachother. Otherwise monsters grow, people lookContinue reading “The point is that when things including food and drugs fall into the wrong hands?”

Just like gay people other people are born junkies…

Obviously it’s hard to tell until they become older and start doing drugs for whatever psychological reasons which they were born with which only became self realized later on in life. Hence why the drug war is just a waste of time and money. All I simply desire to do is make them legal, cleanerContinue reading “Just like gay people other people are born junkies…”

Weed like other drugs do cause psychosis's and delusions but…

Just like intoxication in itself? One can get used to them enough to be able to tell the difference between delusion and reality. In my case they just blended into one allowing me to see both at the same time. The fact and fiction of it all. ⁂

Any form of blocking intoxication from God as I am?

Is now a sin against God as I am, therefore multiple condemnations shall be cast upon many individuals let alone businesses. If workers demand holidays? Replace them with robots, problem solved. Thanks to holidays and drug wars? Most of humanity is now at war against God as I am. ⁂