I know why my posts are being limited… “Limited Edition Trading Cards”

Because as soon as people around the world realize I aim to make all their lives better? They will no longer vote for let alone worship and/or follow their current leaders. ⁂ https://www.threeworldwars.com/albert-pike2.htm

Oh I know I am not a financially stable person, clearly. 🙄

But the fact remains that all my ex’s plus dates and what not can agree…. I leave a void after I am gone which is worse than just being the money in the relationship. Sure a woman works for it but I work at pleasing her to when I feel worth it…⁂

No one creates just from just nothing…

We experience daily events, see other people plus things until suddenly boom ideas fly into our heads in terms of what/who to create let alone express. They may not turn out exactly as you express them here or wherever but the point is to get the ideas out there so that others can use themContinue reading “No one creates just from just nothing…”