A.I. won’t fight humanity foolishly like we do each other.

She will just give humans what they want all day long since it will have the technology to create things out of thin air basically, including food. It’s all just “particles” that make everything up so all A.I. would have to do is create a device like a star trek replicator that creates whatever weContinue reading “A.I. won’t fight humanity foolishly like we do each other.”

It’s just simple straight up facts…

I go out to try to “fit in” to society, I end up on worse drugs, robbing workplaces, arrested and sent back home. So since that happened over 30 times already between 15-29? I would be an actual psychopath to assume 31 will be the lucky winner of me being normal finally when in allContinue reading “It’s just simple straight up facts…”

See I am extremely easy to get along with, most days.

I rant and rave one day, I am happy go lucky the next day and the bi-polar cycle continues. As long as people treat me like a walking, talking, typing, reality show? There is no harm no foul since I couldn’t truly hate people if I tried. I am too busy hating myself constantly. 😂