Father of Year

“Foil Plans” ⁂ “Christ Same As Always, Casablanca, Cashed A Blank Cheque, Quebec Castle”


“To survive the Canadian winter, one needs a body of brass, eyes of glass, and blood made of brandy.”

― Louis Armand de Lom d’Arce Lahontan

“Living in China has made me appreciate my own country, with its tiny, ethnically diverse population of unassuming donut-eaters.”

― Jan Wong, Red China Blues: My Long March From Mao to Now
“If you’re waiting until you feel talented enough to make it, you’ll never make it.”

― Criss Jami, Healology
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Too far in to stop now…

“Deep Undercover”
“Red in the head, Silver in the heart.”

― Victoria Aveyard, Red Queen
“Cheeseburgers,’ Percy said. ‘Food of the gods.”

― Rick Riordan, The Son of Sobek
Matthew 26:31

Then Jesus told them, “This very night you will all fall away on account of me, for it is written: “‘I will strike the shepherd, and the sheep of the flock will be scattered.’
“To give worthy praise to the Lord’s mercy, we unite ourselves with your immaculate mother, for then our hymn will be more pleasing to you, because she is chosen from among men and angels.

Through her, as through a pure crystal, your mercy was passed on to us.

Through her, man became pleasing to God; Through her, streams of grace flowed down upon us.”

– Saint Faustina
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“Trinity Trail”
“Made Man”



I Propose Medicinal Cocaine.

It works for me…😂

“The purpose of Karate is to guide you out of trouble by any means necessary, both in actual combat and in life”

― Soke behzad Ahmadi
Psalm 12:6

And the words of the LORD are flawless, like silver purified in a crucible, like gold refined seven times.
Proverbs 26:27 New International Version (NIV)

27 Whoever digs a pit will fall into it;
    if someone rolls a stone, it will roll back on them.
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Security checks all messages anyways….😂
Honesty is the best policy.

Why fear the police when people can simply lighten the laws and rules?

Just prove that that it can be handled correctly while being used for whatever reasons alongside not committing any other crimes while on it and I personally do not see any problems, neither does God.
Misplaced and rerouted to King Jesus of Poland in Canada for Scientific and Spiritual plus Artistic alongside Psychopathy and what not Assessment.


“Temptation’s less about wearing someone down with repetition than it is about finding the right line and dropping it in at the right time.”

― Glen Duncan, I, Lucifer

“Malibu Coffee Cup Holder dropped a last line in there way back in Milton Ontario”
“I was born for a controversial world, and I cannot escape my destiny.

– John Quincy Adams”

― Paul C. Nagel, John Quincy Adams: A Public Life, a Private Life

The Home away from Home.

“Palace Order” ⁂


“I’m a high tipper”

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“Music originated from God and was created solely for his worship, his glory, and his pleasure.”

― Pedro Okoro, Crushing the Devil: Your Guide to Spiritual Warfare and Victory in Christ

“Love Songs”
“A Sol”

“Modern Christ Story”

Available on WordPress for free.
“The good is the Enemy of the best.

Until you depart from the good, you cannot enter God’s best for your life.”

― Pedro Okoro, Crushing the Devil: Your Guide to Spiritual Warfare and Victory in Christ

Poland has a budget surplus…

Plus they are cracking down on corruption and useless leaders/workers…

They don’t need my help, meanwhile Canada is like the Titanic and sinking fast. ⁂

Once everything is finalized in terms of claims?

All that’s left to do is keep repeating everything until it finally sticks.
Quran 25:46

Then We hold it in hand for a brief grasp.
Matthew 25:46 New International Version (NIV)

46 “Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.”

If the world goes to war?

Those on my list will be excused from service meanwhile those on my other list will be sent first even if it has to be forced upon them by draft.
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“True love is not a hide and seek game: in true love, both lovers seek each other.”

― Michael Bassey Johnson

Every summoning requires death…

911 was the perfect opportunity for a mass summoning. ⁂

If you are afraid to mingle with the people?

How can you truly earn their trust let alone protect them?
“I had no real communication with anyone at the time, so I was totally dependent on God.

And he never failed me.”

― Diet Eman, Things We Couldn’t Say
“Trophy Wife”
“Jesus and the 10 Lepers”


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“When you are possessed by evil spirits, it is crafty manipulations that you follow; but when you are possessed by the Holy Spirit of God, it is wise discretions you pursue!”

― Israelmore Ayivor
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If you cannot be creative with yourself?

How can you be creative anywhere else?

Imagining yourself as someone/something greater is all it takes to spark creativity when you are unafraid to role with it. ⁂

“Only the favor of God can help us find fulfillment as we reveal Jesus Christ to this world.”

― Sunday Adelaja

“All the metaphors in this world wouldn’t scratch the surface of what stepping into darkness is like for me.

And that’s just darkness.

Don’t get me started on light.

Really, don’t get me started on light.”

― Glen Duncan, I, Lucifer
“There’s an exclamation mark on this keyboard which shares tab-space with the number one. Shift+1=! It’s insufficient.

Radically inadequate as the denotation of my surprise.

Even in bold. Even in underlined bold italic.

I need something else, some punctuation mark not yet invented.”

― Glen Duncan, I, Lucifer
“The Mortals are free, Lucifer.

What they’ve done they’ve done from within themselves. – Raphael”

― Glen Duncan, I, Lucifer
“Knowledge is power, as some say. But on some days it is just as much pain and confusion as it is power; and any wise man worth his salt as a wise man at least understands this.

One may be able to comprehend all the human perspectives in the universe, but this gives more to decipher regarding what is actually true; and even after discovering the truth, the challenge is in maintaining a patience for the infinite number of opinions that do not reflect that truth. Its consistency in man is challenge.

A worldly knowledge ends at the former challenge of confusion, but the knowledge of Christ ends at the latter challenge of patience.”

― Criss Jami, Killosophy
“What would it be like without Him?”

― Glen Duncan, I, Lucifer


God “infects” A.I. from within…

No different than how I do from within on Earth in general. ⁂ “T-Virus Release”

Matthew 5:5

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.


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Who need men when one can simply weaponize the women?

Who needs a knife when one a has a pen or pencil they can use to stab someone in say the liver, kidney or throat?

We going to ban those now too?

“The question of whether a computer can think is no more interesting than the question of whether a submarine can swim.”

― Edsger W. Dijkstra

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“The first time [Christ] came to slay sin in men.

The second time He will come to slay men in sin.”

― A. W. Pink


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I am not impressed with Canadian treatment.

As in how we poor Canadians are treated by our own Government who then in turn brainwashes our friends, family and neighbours to treat us the same way.

“Whether we are based on carbon or on silicon makes no fundamental difference;

We should each be treated with appropriate respect.”

― Arthur C. Clarke, 2010: Odyssey Two