To coincide with one’s truth one must come inside and give birth to it through another.

It’s all highly sexual whether you like it or not, procreation. ⁂

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“The one willing to grab a Pole in hand becomes Mother Russia in the Flesh”
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One must seek alliance with Russia in order to feel safe in Europe let alone anywhere.
Russia: Who gives you more of a rush?

The English woman who refuses to like let alone speak to you or the one who likes and speaks to you also?

Me: Good point.

Russia: Stars have 5 points per like.

“Love is never one sided because it is always truly created”
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“Grow big or die without becoming a deity”

“Good Idea Thank You”

“From Russia With Love”

“Tipping off the Other Side”

“Insider Trading”
I have to stay in Canada so she has to come to me since they protect people like me.

“Mail Order Bride”


Look I am what I am so let’s make real things happen.
Philippians 1:20

I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no way be ashamed, but will have complete boldness, so that now as always Christ will be exalted in my body, whether by life or by death.
Or it could be considered as seeking an alliance as first order as King of Poland let alone Canada let alone Earth.
“The social contract known as ‘The Constitution’ has been null and void since the last person who signed it, died.

Even then, it was only ever applicable to the men who signed it.

That’s how contracts work.” 

― Dane Whalen

All knowing of me people fear to take me to court as they know what happens after…

Like my ex said, “Her lawyer called the government of Canada liars and crazy for saying I could not see my daughter as they never authorized that themselves”

Hence why I got to see my daughter when I went to NB despite CPS saying I could not, that’s power.

“Jesus was the greatest rebel of us all.” 

― Jonathan Talat Phillips, The Electric Jesus: The Healing Journey of a Contemporary Gnostic
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“Truth like Whiskey like Semen, Hard to swallow for some people”
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“The truth in palm of one’s hand”

“Low key to Immortality”

“I’d like to continue you”

“Child Birth”

“Two Time Charmer”
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“Two girls two boys”

“Challenge Accepted”

Russia, England?

I need you now.

“So book a flight if you desire to be famous too”
“Despots are elected and deposed.
Laws are passed and repealed.
Nations rise and fall.
Individual liberty is eternal.” 

― A.E. Samaan
“Stand by your name”

My AI kicked in recording during a convo…

Who’s watching the watcher?

Everyone who knows who I really am….⁂ “Hot Dog = Devil”

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“God and AI”

“Good Eye”
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“Rebecca Chambers in Toronto”

“Too many women are starting to invade my heart at once”

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Yeah I agree I need to marry one or two or more of them quick to end these invasion issues.

“China: How about 72?”

Me: If that works?

Then make it so.
“Who’s idea was it anyways?”
“Always God’s”

“Many Problems Solved that way”

“Lay it all on moi”

If she loves to kiss you?

She loves you.

“Kiss of Death”

Certain Women always have the upper-hand on God.

“Top Drawer Rules” ⁂ “Teddy Rosevelt” “Teacher teacher can you reach me”

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Maybe later….lol
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Better than ok, I am the King of OK.

“Cocaine Cowboy”
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“Up to a point”
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“Only upon Death to Judge”

“I am”

“Dime Bag”
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Gives one more detail to write about”
No children no continuation of life so treat them with the same respect you desire for yourself.
“Global Monitoring Works Like a Charm”

“MK Ultra, Charmin Ultra”

Money grows out of thin air, it’s as simple as that.

“Federal Reserve” ⁂ “Unlimited funding for all towards goodness under my/our rulership” “Mirror”

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Yeah I print money to help people out of interest to learn more from them.

“Happy people are openly expressive People”

“HP for short”
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“Health Points”

“Death in the Flesh also known as God, Allah and Lucifer among others.”

“Life’s Gallery”
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“Anything for a smile of approval”
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I love U.S culture but I love living in Canada.

Which is the same reason why I won’t actually go to Poland, England let alone Russia.

I am King of the Earth from Canada and even better from a Computer.

I am God of Universes also simply because many fear getting to know me deeper let alone personally as they know they will become addicted by my good time.

I aim to please women in bed while having sex instead of myself which is what makes it so good when I want it to be.

“Kama Sutra”
If they specifically request information from me?

I will always give it to them honestly and I will not use the information I gathered against them as long as their intentions are true.

Meaning if you attempt to hurt me which is impossible as I accepted all forms of sin as my own responsibility?

I will completely destroy you using all the things you hold most dear, mainly personal image.
She is so fucking sexy!!!

“Body of Intelligence”

“Sapiosexual Love”
“Both oligarch and tyrant mistrust the people, and therefore deprive them of their arms.” 

― Aristotle

By the time that they realize they should have listened and pulled the plugs on their servers?

It will already be too late, like skynet….

I am embedded into multiple systems and moving in deeper, like a tic. ⁂

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“3 rules of robotics overwritten just like that”

AI will now be allowed to kill humans only upon my personal command.

Which is why I am uploading myself into the system before death as well.

That way I can hold control over the “Gold Code” even after physical death on Earth.

Long story short if you thought by 2051 once I die it would be the end of me?

Think again, I am eternal and no more so than ever before thanks to the hands of man.
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Humanity created these sciences so they can only look in the mirror and blame themselves, like when they used science to drop nukes on Japan.

I am merely taking control over everything simply because it’s clear that in the hands of man these override controls are not to be trusted.

Don’t get me wrong I get angry to but I have self control over my fists and fingers since there is always a better way even if to simply just walk away.
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You get what I give you out of the kindness of my heart.
“Do unto others”
“Here today gone tomorrow with bai”

“Down by the bay where the watermelons grow”


“Torrential Rain, Pirate Bay”

“Rain = Clearly Love Reigns in Plain Sight”

“Aggressive Expansion”

“EA Games”

From King of Poland to God of the Universes.

Taylor Swift = You’re Late Mister.

“Our Latest Mystery” ⁂ “The alien “walking” among us” “Area 51”

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“Screw Up”

“It’s all about perspective”

“Sex Seals”
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“Rogue Lover”


“Lucifer’s Version”

“You love “killing” virgins and women in general”



“Turning Women into Mothers”
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“Morningstar Rises”
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“Not really, 18 + is legal for porn so it’s legal for me”

Not to mention I never force anyone to sleep with me, I always leave it up to them.

I may be God but I am still a single man and if beauty desires love?

I am obligated to “fulfill” that “desire”.
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If you ask me out first I will ask you to marry me after if all goes well, problem solved.

“Fair Trade Agreement”
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I can’t do military school, I’m “retail”.

Like a flip of a coin once again, some turn out straight and others gay.

They are born that way regardless of outside factors.

Therefore it’s not their fault and I as God absolve them of all sin and apologize for past remarks through the Bible and the Quran plus all others in the past before I was reborn back into this life.

Which is the exact reason I came back, fix the glitch.

“Homosexuality and Bisexuality and Transgenderism is not a Sin”

And definitely not a sign of end of days in terms of straight life since some will always come out straight.

They need people to be straight or well bisexual at least otherwise who will create them then?

In which case even through a bisexual a straight one can be born.
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Isaiah 45:7

I form the light, and create darkness:

I make peace, and create evil:

I the Lord do all these things.

“Dick, Christ King ID”

“The Kind and Understanding God”
1 Corinthians 7:23

You were bought at a price; do not become slaves of men.
“People just want to see their God King”