When many people are busy panicking and dying from Coronavirus…

Less people are focusing on creating a better world the way we desire it to be, meaning that Coronavirus is acting more as a distraction to prevent people from focusing on bringing our dreams to life. Harder to manifest a reality when not many people are on board anymore. ⁂

Jew = Jewels…

As in specific people regardless of birth or religious background who act as the Devil’s hidden power stones spread all across the Earth. So long story short the one who can effectively see them and harmonize them is the one who can detect who the present day “144K” are. The trick is to help eachotherContinue reading “Jew = Jewels…”

Earth was just created for taking care of ourselves through love.

That means working through the basics while enjoying the rest of the time with eachother or alone if you prefer that… So I understand we had to create everything and live whatever ways to get this far but we are 2019 with A.I. around the corner and more things to do outside of work. MeaningContinue reading “Earth was just created for taking care of ourselves through love.”

Manifesting Desires… “MD”

The more you focus with actual effort the greater the chances you have of warping in whatever desired reality into your own to become part of your own, and vice versa. The catch is that once again the greater the desire? The more time and energy it will cost you in order to achieve itContinue reading “Manifesting Desires… “MD””

Only the chosen carry the missing links in terms of what to do.

The problem is that they are found in the places most people would least expect. Like a global game of find the keys before time runs out. Hence why like a game the keys are hidden inside unexpected places in terms of the types of people who hold the keys. A mere junkie has moreContinue reading “Only the chosen carry the missing links in terms of what to do.”