Once you set your mind to whatever reality you desire for yourself?

Eventually all reality begins warping around that desired reality, from the dumbest things like not quitting smoking/drinking to big things like tackling global poverty. It all connects to one’s heartfelt purpose, the catch is that others can do it to which is my entire purpose of returning to show people that in a loving manner.Continue reading “Once you set your mind to whatever reality you desire for yourself?”

With any alternate form of drug or technology let alone treatment…

There are always positives and negatives to work through before finalizing any products for public marketing let alone use. The problem is that they tested on people without telling us and then left us to deal with the side effects alone. Hence this being one of many cases I am presently putting together against scientistsContinue reading “With any alternate form of drug or technology let alone treatment…”

Due to global immigration we are all criminals for one reason or/and another.

But also due to global immigration and that criminal equality we are equally to blame so therefore off the hook. “Cancelling Eachother Out” Can’t blame people for trying to survive in all instances of life when everyone including myself is doing the same at the same time all the time. ⁂

Long term users are harder to intervene compared to short term users.

When you desire someone to stop anything, be prepared for what you are in for in terms of doing your homework before dealing with withdrawals. Someone who has been using for 5 years is peanuts compared to someone like me an “elder user” who has used for 20 years and counting. ⁂

The whole key to mastering depression alongside other mental illnesses?

Understanding the rollercoaster ride that they are. Good days and bad days, good moments and bad moments, good weeks bad weeks, good years bad years etc… I know that since today I have felt good all day so far? I am going to tank/crash here at any moment which could be anytime from 30 minutesContinue reading “The whole key to mastering depression alongside other mental illnesses?”

Simple thoughts/ideas and truths can be…

Expanded into greater ones…Hence the saying one may have an idea of what one is talking about while the other understands it as well but is able to expand it more. Between my issues and habits which are the things that works for me in order to discover, decipher and express all this? I cannotContinue reading “Simple thoughts/ideas and truths can be…”