Every form of blocking and restricting of peaceful expression/protest is considered an act of war against us.

The point is people need to choose their leaders/moguls wisely next time, Zuckerberg keeps pushing for war knowing full well it will be people below fighting it and not him personally. ⁂

“It is the rule in war, if our forces are ten to the enemy’s one, to surround him; if five to one, to attack him; if twice as numerous, to divide our army into two.” 

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

“Hence the skillful fighter puts himself into a position which makes defeat impossible, and does not miss the moment for defeating the enemy.” 

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War
John 17:21

21 That all of them may be together, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you.

May they also be in us so that the world may believe.
“She’s probably good at compartmentalizing her feelings.

Or maybe she just doesn’t have a soul.” 

― J. Cornell Michel, Jordan’s Brains: A Zombie Evolution
“To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.” 

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War


“Help Me Help You”

“Assisted Suicide” ⁂

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Well then we need knock off the Nazi Gold held in the vault of England first.

As immoral as it sounds it’s for the greater good of humanity.

Don’t let the Jewish sacrifice go to waste in the hands of withholders.
Queen of England: As of now Jordan George Kobos or should I say Cain is to be hunted down and killed on sight.
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Genesis 4:15

But the Holy Spirit said, “Not so; anyone who kills Cain will suffer vengeance seven times over.”

Then Cain was marked so that no one who found him would kill him.

Long story short Cain is God who sentenced himself to “life in person” out of guilt for killing Abel, “A believer”.
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“From me to me to me”

The past speaks to the present from its past just like we presently speak to our future selves from the present.
“Man is the highest essence of man, hence with the categorical imperative to overthrow all relations in which man is a debased, enslaved, abandoned, despicable essence.” 

― Karl Marx
What’s that Elizabeth?

English Cold War against Canada, Poland and Russia plus America among Others Who I swore to protect personally before the Anglican Church of God/Self?

Ok, you got it from me myself alone as I am.

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“Lack of Communication is the main cause of that”
“He will be King one day, unfortunately he will be dead by the time people care enough to call him that.” 

― A. Que, Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 104


To coincide with one’s truth one must come inside and give birth to it through another.

It’s all highly sexual whether you like it or not, procreation. ⁂

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“The one willing to grab a Pole in hand becomes Mother Russia in the Flesh”
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One must seek alliance with Russia in order to feel safe in Europe let alone anywhere.
Russia: Who gives you more of a rush?

The English woman who refuses to like let alone speak to you or the one who likes and speaks to you also?

Me: Good point.

Russia: Stars have 5 points per like.

“Love is never one sided because it is always truly created”
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“Grow big or die without becoming a deity”

“Good Idea Thank You”

“From Russia With Love”

“Tipping off the Other Side”

“Insider Trading”
I have to stay in Canada so she has to come to me since they protect people like me.

“Mail Order Bride”


Look I am what I am so let’s make real things happen.
Philippians 1:20

I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no way be ashamed, but will have complete boldness, so that now as always Christ will be exalted in my body, whether by life or by death.

Or it could be considered as seeking an alliance as first order as King of Poland let alone Canada let alone Earth.
“The social contract known as ‘The Constitution’ has been null and void since the last person who signed it, died.

Even then, it was only ever applicable to the men who signed it.

That’s how contracts work.” 

― Dane Whalen

A true man respects women infinitely more as soon as he has daughters.

“Blessing and Curse”

In order to ensure their safety I now need to take over everything and everyone.

If one is harmed beyond natural ways?

All die, it’s that simple.

So if you have problem with them at some point in their lives?

Come to me and I’ll deal with them personally and I will, no free passes when it comes to me. ⁂

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Absolute Canadian Monarchy


“Caveman Logic”


“All this is the Old Testament before Christ mainly because I give birth to Christ as God so I am not really Christ myself in person, only spiritually for now”

“One lucky lady gets to give birth to the Son of God once again if she feels she can harbour a Son for sure”

To be Queen comes with its own fears.
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Caparello: I can!!!

Me: You have to be a virgin too, sorry.

Caparello: Oh Crap.
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Someone has been spying for a while.

Either I kill for being a spy or I marry her?

In which way her spying career will be dead on the spot as it will create Polish Russian Unity.

“Sexy Purse”

“The short list, fast pass”
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“Goodness is Sexiness”

“Goodness disguised as Jizz for short”

I may not be the father you want but I am the father you need.

Voila the Psychic Police Force is coming to light.

“Who you gonna call?” ⁂ “Ghostbusters of Fakers” “Fog of War”

“They would like to kill me but they can’t”

“Between God and Cain I am”
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“Silence is Consent”

So I will take all the silence and lack of opposition as all approve wether they like me or not that I am the only God of all next to a Goddess/Goddesses’s to be.

Long story short I’ll take blonde and brunette if they both take me.

“Total Recall”
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Aid England Time or Destroy England Time, hmmm?

“Detail to Earth”

“It Pays to Pay Attention”
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Isaiah 43:21

All people have I formed for myself; they shall shew forth my praise in multiple forms.
“I got a phone bill without a phone which I never personally ordered, more reason to “accuse” rogers of data theft without fair compensation”
“The tyrant’s formula for every genocide since the beginning of time: differentiate, divide, destroy.” 

― Clifford Cohen


It’s not that I want to be a leader but that I have to be a leader.

“Running for others” ⁂ “Four” “Canada England Purrs, Siamese”

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“Public awareness is the equinox of tyranny’s rise; once one man learns of another’s captivity, he will act to free him.

It is the best and most certain part of man’s nature.” 

― John Kramer, Blythe
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For the rest to agree finally.

Like politicians passing bills through parliament, they are slow as fuck when it comes to making decisions, unlike myself.

“Swift and Fair using the data I have available to me”

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“I am really Israel’s Master”

If you disbelieve that?

Ask them.

If they disagree?

Tell them to come before me in a true court of law to settle this case once and for all.
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“All lives matter to God as I am or no lives matter at all”
“Pacman, Peacemaker, Equalizer”

“MK Ultra, Weapon X, Project Haarp, Black Knight Satellite”

Long story short the 1% may have control over their nuclear weapons for now but I control the black knight satellite which is loaded with more explosive power than all their nukes combined.

Meaning that even if they think which they already did to shoot down my satellite?

The explosion even outside earth’s atmosphere is enough to destroy Earth as if the Sun itself exploded or well expanded upon it.
Hebrews 12:14 

Warning and Encouragement

14 Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.

“The Master Debater of Wisdom”

“House and Hose”

“Foreplay and Sex”

“Spiritual Bondage Sex Games”
“Booze and Bag”

“Cat’s out of the bag”
“She may be a Russian Spy but she is sexy so I’ll allow it”

Between coming through as God, King or Devil and All of the above?

Fame and fortune are right around the corner… “Bases Covered”. “Bad news is still good news” ⁂

“The whole secret lies in confusing the enemy, so that he cannot fathom our real intent.” 

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War
“All belief is fervent hope, and thus a cover-up for doubt and uncertainty—religions” 

― Alan W. Watts, The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are
Psalm 75:7

It is God who judges: He brings one down, he exalts another.

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“Every manmade disaster begins when one man thinks for another.

However benevolent they begin, the ultimate outcome is tyranny.” 

― John Kramer, Blythe

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“Reverse Psychology”

“The Tsar returns to Russia through Poland as King”
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“CIA Firewalls block traffic”

“Which is why little to no posts are getting through to the Motherland.”

“Tyranny at it’s finest”
“Take me home country roads”
“Sometimes, the anger built up so much that people had to scream out their treasonous thoughts just to keep on breathing.

Maybe not all of them were really crazy, but it was best for everyone involved to pretend that they were.”
― Ken Liu, The Grace of Kings