Life is funny that way, when certain people give you news you lash out and get angry plus loath them for it…

Meanwhile others could give the exact same news only to be praised and appreciated for it instead, the point? Some people just simply should not mix with certain people, simple. ⁂

How would you actually know if you were dead or alive when both this life and the afterlife feel the same unlike dreams?

Dreams are simply communication networks between the living and the dead between both realities and now three when we consider those still living inside the machine networks despite moving on outside the box. ⁂

It was interesting when I went out for the first time in a while to get weed in Toronto yesterday.

Majority were wearing masks and gloves, streets were emptyish, busses and trains were no different, it gave me an as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death kinda feeling. Which felt cool since for whatever reason death has always interested me, even whenever it was happening to me. ⁂