The more we study people and things?

The less violent confrontations we will have, since majority of humanities problems arise though simple lack of understanding, even through plain regular english to english speaking. Someone says one thing one way while the other assumes otherwise while taking it another way. It’s crucial to tell the difference otherwise you end up not being onContinue reading “The more we study people and things?”

Social media regardless of platform is a harmful drug…

It triggers like a drug, it depresses like a drug, it hooks people like a drug and it destroys lives plus families and friends like a drug simply because it is a drug. I feel similar effects through social media like I do going through a case of drugs and/or alcohol and therefore should beContinue reading “Social media regardless of platform is a harmful drug…”

“Anna and The King”

Kendrick and the key… Meaning if I was not able to sync so well in these ways with these people? I would not be who I claim to be, it’s an identity confirmation system. ⁂ “Kim Kat Caron”