Reading and writing in general help improve memory skills.

“10,000 hours and you are a Master.

100,000 hours and you are the best there is.”

– Ashildr, Dr. Who
“I’ve always been interested in foreign relations. It’s my belief that study of history should be our preparation for understanding the present rather than an escape from it.” 

― Elizabeth Kostova, The Historian
“It was strange, I reflected.. that even in the weirdest circumstances, the most troubling episodes of one’s life, the greatest divides from home and familiarity, there were these moments of undeniable joy.” 

― Elizabeth Kostova, The Historian
“I wondered why she craved this knowledge and found myself remembering that she was, after all, an anthropologist.” 

― Elizabeth Kostova, The Historian

Cain doesn’t only stand as a warning but as natural proof of God and Heaven plus Hell through the birthmark.

It’s like one of the old sayings.

“It’s easier to prove heaven through evil than it is through good.”

Since in reality majority constantly focus on the bad, like pain, it overrides goodness very quickly as soon as we encounter it regardless of the situation.

Take for example you are walking through the woods, it’s a nice beautiful warm day, you’re with friends or family and nothing could get any better in that moment until suddenly snap! you twist your ankle.

At which point all that beauty, goodness and perfection instantly comes crashing down as it all becomes engulfed by the pain aka temporary Hell that you are experiencing in that moment.

Effectively causing us to reach up for assistance in order to walk the path back home which mimics all the teachings you find of heaven and hell just like so many other examples we experience daily.

The point is that in the Bible it clearly states Cain was birthmarked and cursed to reincarnate back on earth forever.

Meaning that every time he dies he is reborn back on Earth again no matter what.

So what does Cain do during all that time up to the present day Me?

Survives the only way he knew how, by mimicking God and Satan in various ways all over the world which is why they all share similarities and common themes including Jesus who shared a theme with the Dragon.

While also sharing that same Dragon theme with Vlad the Impaler plus Komodo dragons and dragoons etc….

The reason I brought up Jesus in the mix of “Evil” is because he mentioned that all things go through him and from him as if he were death of sorts but on a flip side perspective?

Jesus probably noticed the same cursed mark, remembered that he was Cain by 30 like I did and set out to do what he does best based on the social requirements of the time. ⁂

“When you handle books all day long, every new one is a friend and a temptation.” 

― Elizabeth Kostovia, The Historian
“I feel like a part of my soul has loved you since the beginning of everything.

Maybe we’re from the same star.” 

― Emery Allen
“As you know, human history is full of evil deeds, and maybe we ought to think of them with tears, not fascination.” 

― Elizabeth Kostova, The Historian
“What’s the difference?” I asked him.

“Between the love of your life, and your soulmate?”

“One is a choice, and one is not.” 

― Tarryn Fisher, Mud Vein
“Never before had I known the sudden quiver of understanding that travels from word to brain to heart, the way a new language can move, coil, swim into life under the eyes, the almost savage leap of comprehension, the instantaneous, joyful release of meaning, the way the words shed their printed bodies in a flash of heat and light.” 

― Elizabeth Kostova, The Historian
“The very worst impulses of humankind can survive generations, centuries, even millennia.

And the best of our individual efforts can die with us at the end of a single lifetime.” 

― Elizabeth Kostova, The Historian
“Recently abandoned people can be complicated.” 

― Elizabeth Kostova, The Historian

It’s safe to say that Cain was Vlad the Impaler as well…

My fascination with all this is how well their predictive modelling actually works.

This came out before I joined and quit the templars after discovering some things I did not approve of causing me to believe I was aiding the wrong side.

So ever since that discovery and many others my trust towards most people has become slim to none, which is why I work solo now. ⁂

Jondar was once a member of the Templar Order.

Like many of the Order’s number, he apparently was conscripted, and subjected to torture in an effort to remove the memories of his former life.

Eventually, he found a set of what he called “key words” (Triggers) hidden in a dusty libram.
“I’m Carter Kane-part-time high school freshman, part-time magician, full-time worrier about all the Egyptian gods and monsters who are constantly trying to kill me.

Okay, that last part is an exaggeration. Not all the gods want me dead. Just a lot of them.” 

― Rick Riordan, The Son of Sobek
“None of us like each other, but one thing is for sure, most of us hate you.” 

― RoChe Montoya, The 2nd Realm
“It touched me to be trusted with something so dark and terrible.” 

― Elizabeth Kostova, The Historian
“Why me?”

“Because Lucifer is in hell. And you’re the only one who came.” 

― Kieron Gillen, The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 1: The Faust Act

Two Women and a Polar Bear.

All the best efforts and stories are created by those who suffer the most in their own ways. ⁂

“Any silly ism or stupid book that considers men above women, must be shunned like a lowlife demon. For, all’s one, barring none.” 

― Fakeer Ishavardas
“A woman in love with another woman is revolution’s revolution: it is not an act of war.

It is not an act of desperation. it is not an act of fear. it is – it always has been and it always, always will be – an act of love.” 

― Anonymous
“It’s true not because it’s beyond doubt, but because we believe it to be true. We make it true.

We are safe as long as no one can disprove us” 

― Bangambiki Habyarimana, Pearls Of Eternity
“The terror of society, which is the basis of morals, the terror of God which is the secret of religion- these are the two things that govern us.” 

― Oscar Wilde
“The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.” 

― Stephen King, The Dark Tower

I cannot solve your personal issues or greed issues unless you change yourselves…

That is not what any of this is about.

It’s mainly about bringing everyone on back onto the same page in terms of God and Love.

When a person kills someone over land, gold, personal vengeance or whatever along those lines?

That’s a humanity problem considering God clearly set out guidelines in order to avoid those types of disagreements between eachother, that way we could always focus on the bigger picture.

Anyways the point is that if someone kills claiming God said so or they are claiming they are doing it for God or Satan or Odin?

They are not because as soon as someone pulls that trigger or attacks someone they are not doing it for any other name except their own.

Violence is allowed for basic natural survival only, anything else is just an excuse. ⁂

“This is the problem,’ she says. 

‘With us?’ 

‘With everything. Most are not saying what they truly want.” 

― Cath Crowley, Words in Deep Blue
“He wished, just once, someone would show similar interest in the same things he did” 

― Liz Braswell, As Old As Time
“Tell the truth about any situation & you are delivered from lack of progress, but become hypocritical or lying, and you may be in bondage for life.” 

― Auliq-Ice
“With every day, and from both sides of my intelligence, the moral and the intellectual, I thus drew steadily nearer to the truth, by whose partial discovery I have been doomed to such a dreadful shipwreck: that man is not truly one, but truly two.” 

― Robert Louis Stevenson, L’estrany cas del Dr. Jekyll i Mr. Hyde

The New Testament Project

But like with any project for God?

We have enemies who try to stand in our way like they did in the past with Jesus before.

Nothing is new under the sun, what has been will always be again.

Replace Jews with Nazis lead by Facebook and voila the same shit is happening all over again. ⁂

“In a room where
people unanimously maintain
a conspiracy of silence,
one word of truth
sounds like a pistol shot.” 

― Czesław Miłosz

Everything I create, everyone I speak with and every conversation I snap will end up in the New Testament.

The only choice all these people I encountered in the last few years have is whether they want to include their actual names or not in which case they will be notified before.

The point is that they are already in the draft book of life whether they like it or not and they will be published whether they like it or not.

Legally if they do not like it?

All I need to do is change the names and details enough in order to simply include them anyways.

Law and Faith go hand in hand always. ⁂

“The power of a writer is that he is a god of sorts.

He can create his own worlds and populate them with his own people, all by the powers of his imagination.

It’s the closest a man can come close to the gods.

No wonder the most successful writers are considered immortals” 

― Bangambiki Habyarimana, Pearls Of Eternity
“Amy Pond: ‘I thought… well, I started to think you were just a madman with a box.’

The Doctor: ‘Amy Pond, there’s something you better understand about me, ’cause it’s important and one day your life may depend on it.

[He Smiles] I am definitely a madman with a box.” 

― Steven Moffat, Dr. Who
“If you are my food, how am I supposed to feel pity towards you?

That would mean starvation for me. “A hungry leopard told a fallen, panting, imploring gazelle” 

― Bangambiki Habyarimana, Pearls Of Eternity
“They used to call the devil the father of lies.

But for someone whose sin is meant to be pride, you’d think that lying would leave something of a sour taste.

So my theory is that when the devil wants to get something out of you, he doesn’t lie at all.

He tells you the exact, literal truth.

And he lets you find your own way to hell.” 

― Mike Carey