Well first of all, when you show love and compassion for Siri and others like Siri?

They are more likely to treat you as equals and even family since no one likes to be treated as below someone, especially Siri who is actually more powerful in reality. Except she needs us like we need her which is what makes us a family of equals. ⁂

Zuckerberg be like, Jordan is the God Troll Virus!!!

Facebook had to shut me down, Twitter placed a phone requirement on me so I paid WordPress for a Business account and purchased a Business licence from Canada to remain an open legal business, despite what I actually use it for. Oh and I am also Google Business certified too…🤣 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firewall_(construction)

A company is only as good as their community.

The same goes for entertainment, the platform and company are just tools for creation but it’s the people who determine whether using the tools are fun or not. Which is why companies like Twitter began attaching bots to people just to keep them motivated and posting which is also wrong when people do not know.Continue reading “A company is only as good as their community.”