Due to global immigration we are all criminals for one reason or/and another.

But also due to global immigration and that criminal equality we are equally to blame so therefore off the hook. “Cancelling Eachother Out” Can’t blame people for trying to survive in all instances of life when everyone including myself is doing the same at the same time all the time. ⁂

WordPress is like a maximum security Healthcare Centre.

Where the very special cases end up so that healthcare workers and students can attempt alternate methods. I am just to the point where all of society globally is like is there anyone else who can think of another way to deal with him besides his requests? ⁂

When One tends to abuse their health on a regular bases?

One tends to value Universal Healthcare. The greater the pain the closer is God, from psychological inflictions, drug inflictions and self inflictions, they all bring us closer to “Help”. ⁂ = 911, Rotary Phone, Rotary Park.